Conquer the outdoors with high quality tyres

Wherever you drive, whether it is the beach, the bush or the burbs, you want to be sure that you have tyres designed to tackle anything man or nature can muster. As your local 4WD tyre experts, we are prepared to walk you through all the little details that will help us match you with the right tyre:

  • Age, make and model of car
  • Extent and style of off-road driving you are expecting to do
  • Your budget

We are here to help prepare you to tackle any possible terrain. Every tyre in our extensive range has been designed to give you the grip and control you need.

Our 4WD and SUV Range


When you’re in need of a low cost, urban solution to tide you over between off road adventures, we can provide with tyres that are:

  • Good for an average of 20,0000 km
  • Suited to most major makes and models
  • An ideal inner-city backup


For those looking for a greater degree of versatility while sticking to a budget, we can provide you with tyres that:

  • Offer higher rate of durability
  • Capably grip in both dry and wet
  • Withstand basic off-road driving


When you need absolute certainty on and off-road, we can also provide you with tyres that are:

  • Designed to have an average lifetime of 40,000km or more
  • Crafted to grip any standard on or off road surface
  • Less resistant to punctures and wear

Our entire 4WD tyre range is focused on providing the level of grip and performance you need when conquering the outdoors, and is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

The Wayne Lloyd’s 4WD tyre range is ready to tackle any terrain.