Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your frequently asked questions

Day in and day out, our mix of savvy, curious and worried customers ask any number of questions specific to their situation. And among all these many questions, we’ve never encountered one that we would call stupid. When it comes to your car, every question you ask is an important one.

This is why we have taken the time to provide some simple answers to some of your most common, pressing questions:

Are there any warranties on your workmanship?

All of our tyres and repairs are backed 100% by each brand and manufacturer. Add on top of this the assurance that comes with our years of training and experience, you can be sure that the work being done on your car is of the highest quality money can buy.

Will OEM parts void my new car’s warranty?

In short, no. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are components approved of by all major automotive manufacturers, and therefore are completely useable during standard logbook servicing. By using these parts we not only honour the degree of care expected by both you and the manufacturer, but we also save you considerable time and money. You can rest assured knowing that the affordable price you are paying for each scheduled service is going toward keeping your car running for many years to come.

Do I need to replace my tyre after a puncture?

No, not necessarily. With the proper degree of puncture repair, most quality tyres can keep on rolling for many more kilometres. When you bring your punctured to us, we will inspect it and give you a clear and practical solution, whether it is a matter of repair or not.

How often should I replace my tyres?

There is no absolute golden rule with changing tyres, but you should nevertheless consider a change the moment you detect a decreased level of grip on dry or wet road surfaces; the smallest degree of wear on your tyres can impact your ability to actively stop in unsafe conditions. So please check the wear on your tyres on a regular basis, and if you’re unsure about their condition feel free to see us for an honest, thorough inspection.

What is the difference between a cheap tyre and a premium tyre?

While your cheaper tyres will withstand most safe conditions for upward of 20,000km, their capacity to grip in the wet may very well leave you and your car worse for wear. At the higher end of spectrum, you receive 40,000km or more of use plus considerable versatility across different road conditions. To put it simply, for added dollar you spend you gain that added degree of safety, durability and performance. This is why we aim to offer the best possible tyre options across our entire range. Even those among our value range are more durable and reliable than the average low cost tyre option.