Alignments and Balancing

Decrease tyre wear and increase performance with a single service

As your trusted tyre experts, Wayne Lloyd’s Tyre and Mechanical would like to let you in a secret – a precision alignment and balance can drastically increase the life of your tyres. That’s rally all it takes. Plus, this single service will help to greatly improve the overall performance of your car, no matter the age, model or make.

Whether you need one, the other or both, we combine the latest in sensory technology with our trained mechanic’s eye to accurately assess the current condition of wheel alignment and balancing. The moment we notice anything askew, we quickly set about readjusting your wheels to ensure that are precisely as they should be.

Wheel Alignment Servicing

A standard alignment check and service will involve:

  • Computer assisted analysis of current alignment
  • Visual confirmation and recheck
  • Precision readjustments

Wheel Balance Servicing

All balance checks and adjustments involve:

  • Wheel balance spin checks
  • Weight checks
  • Precision readjustments
  • Final check to assess readjustments

No Surprise Guarantee

When you bring your car in for precision alignment and balancing, we guarantee that the price quoted at drop off, will be the same upon pick up. Our prices are always as honest and fair as our capable team of mechanics.

Protect your tyres and your car’s performance with a precision alignment and balance from Wayne Lloyd’s. Call us (07) 3283 2666 on today to book.