Precision performance tyres for any major make or model

A true performance vehicle is a work of art comprised of many different strokes of genius and wealth of quality parts, tyres included. With the right tyre, your street machine can conquer any road or track with grace and ease. Which is why we do what we can to match you with the right tyre, considering factors such as:

  • Age, make and model of car
  • Style or speed of driving you are going to use it for
  • Your budget

From the moment you drive away from our garage, you will be able to feel the difference made by our excellent range of performance tyres.

Our Performance Range


Whether you are looking for a quick solution or are strapped for cash, our value range of performance tyres offer:

  • An average lifetime of 20,0000 km
  • Low cost per tyre
  • Capacity to suit any major make or model


Our everyday class of tyre provides you with solid performance without having to spend big, as well as:

  • Longer lifetime of use
  • Greater grip in both dry and wet
  • Decreased rate of wear at higher speeds


For those looking to match their impeccable street machine with right type of tyre, our premium offerings can deliver on:

  • An average lifetime of 40,000km or more
  • Heightened grip across all road conditions
  • Improved performance and control at higher speeds

Every tyre in our performance range is guaranteed to help maintain or improve the existing performance of your car, and is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

The Wayne Lloyd’s performance tyre range is ready and raring to go.