Regularly scheduled value for all new cars

When seen to by a true automotive professional, regularly scheduled logbook servicing is guaranteed to ensure your car keeps rolling on well after its warranty ends. At Wayne Lloyd’s Tyre and Mechanical, we are equipped to provide high quality scheduled servicing for a wide range of modern makes and models.

All scheduled services utilise carefully sourced, high quality OEM parts, industry leading Castrol lubricants and servicing specifically prescribed by your car’s manufacturer. We do all we can to ensure you car is up to code and ready to roll, nothing more and nothing less. Most importantly, all work carried out is 100% warranty approved.

Standard Servicing

Across the lifetime of your car’s warranty we will tend to:

  • Brakes
  • Lubrication changes
  • Filter changes
  • Belt adjustments
  • Suspension checks
  • Steering component checks
  • Engine checks an flushes
  • Fuel system flushes
  • Cooling system inspections and flushes
  • Retightening of torque settings
  • Lighting checks
  • Exhaust system checks
  • Tyre pressure and wear checks

Each check and subsequent service effectively guarantees that your car will not only make it through to its next scheduled visit but also to the point that it can be safely handed down to your kids when you’re ready to upgrade.

No Surprise Guarantee

When you bring your car in for each successive scheduled service, you can trust that the priced quoted to you will not change at pick up. Our prices are always as honest and fair as our capable team of mechanics.

From the first 10,000km through to your warranty’s end, we’ll do what’s right by you and your car. Call us (07) 3283 2666 on today to book.