Better suspension for a smoother ride

A thorough and effective suspension check and service can drastically increase your car’s capacity to adhere to any grade of road surface. The team at Wayne Lloyd’s Tyre and Mechanical are prepared to handle the suspension and shock absorber issues faced by passenger, 4WD, performance and commercial vehicles.

For your sake and ours, our team has taken the time to understand the ever-changing nature of suspension systems on the road today. This gives us the expertise needed to handle any suspension problem your car might be having.

Suspension Servicing

Our servicing includes:

  • Suspension testing
  • Shock absorber checks
  • Shock absorbers replacements (for family, 4WD and performance vehicles)
  • Lift kits
  • Ball joint adjustments

When complete, your will be firmly sitting on the road regardless of the condition of the road you are on. Our work is forever geared toward maximising both safety and natural performance of your car.

No Surprise Guarantee

When you bring your car in for a check or brake repairs, we guarantee that the price quoted will be the same upon pick up. Our prices are always as honest and fair as our capable team of mechanics.

We can take the shake, rattle and roll out of your daily commute. Call us (07) 3283 2666 on today to book a suspension check and service.